The Silo, Cobe

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of The Silo

Year: 2018

The Silo book, which is the second in a series about new Danish architecture, focuses on one of the major future challenges in a chanding world: Transformation of existing buildings to fit new purposes, in this case the conversion of The Silo, a former industrial grain silo, located in Copenhagen's Nordhavn (North Harbour). Through an interview with Cobe’s founder and architect Dan Stubbergaard and an essay about The Silo and Cobe, the book explores the transformation process, the completed building and Cobe’s work in general.

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The Silo book is part of a ten-volume series, each volume showcasing and illustrating one building as a way of portraying the architecture firm behind it.

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The Silo is a concrete box that we have dressed in a steel cape. In a way the project embodies what we want with architecture. To find the simple conceptual solution that solves it all.

Year: 2018

Publisher: Strandberg Publishing

Collaborators: Kristoffer Lindhardt Weiss, Kjeld Vindum, Rasmus Hjortshøj – COAST, Søren Hansen, Sidsel Kjærulff Rasmussen, Torben Christiansen, Studio Atlant

Team: Dan Stubbergaard, Stine Lund Hansen