1 cobe the espoo house exterior
Wooden house
for the people
Espoo House

Espoo, Finland, completed 2029

01 cobe konservatoriegrunden school of music and culture exterior
A creative
School of Culture and Music

Frederiksberg, Denmark, 1st prize competition 2022

01 cobe falk areal freiburg exterior
Innovation and health
under one roof
Falk Areal Freiburg

Freiburg, Germany, completed in 2026

01 cobe dr byen exterior
Rethinking a dull parking
lot to new neighborhood
Transformation of parking lot by DR Byen to new neighborhood

Copenhagen, Denmark

010 cobe eu parliament park view render front
Designing the heart of
European democracy
The European Parliament

Brussels, Belgium, Competition

03 1 cobe espace riopelle exterior
An open invitation
to nature
Espace Riopelle

Québec, Canada, Competition

07 cobe eu joint research center model
United under
one roof
The European Joint Research Center

Seville, Spain, 3rd prize in competition

260 cobe goteborg university library exterior
A mediator between
the city and the
Gothenburg University Library

Gothenburg, Sweden, Completed in 2028

010 cobe jernbanebyen arches render
A creative, livable
city district

Copenhagen, Denmark, On-going masterplan process

010 cobe danevirke exterior render
A new entrance to
an archeological park
Danevirke Museum

Slesvig, Germany, Competition

090 cobe operapark model trees
628 trees
for Copenhagen
The Opera Park

Copenhagen, Denmark, Completed in 2024

060 cobe kronlob island exterior
A stepping stone
Kronløb Island

Copenhagen, Denmark, Completed in 2023

010 cobe place schuman exterior
A meeting point for
Place Schuman

Brussels, Belgium, Completed in 2025

170 cobe paper island model
From paper
to people
Paper Island

Copenhagen, Denmark, Completed in 2024

010 cobe tampere interior
Tampere Travel & Service Center

Tampere, Finland, Masterplan completed

01 cobe archaeological museum exterior
A treasure box
for history
Archäologisches Landesmuseum

Rostock, Germany, 2nd prize in competition

045 cobe ideas wallpaper museum gif
When the backdrop
takes center stage
Wallpaper Museum

Kassel, Germany, Competition

020 cobe west don lands bricks
Three buildings –
one community
West Don Lands

Toronto, Canada, Completed in 2023

120 cobe ideas bremer gif
The new town
musicians for
Europahafenkopf Bremen

Bremen, Germany, Completed in 2023

125 cobe koge culture house exterior model
A frame
for culture
Køge Culture House

Køge, Denmark, Competition

270 science center model
Museum of
the future
Science Center

Lund, Sweden, Completed in 2026

201 cobe deutzer hafen exterior view
as a resource
Deutzer Hafen

Cologne, Germany, On-going

010 a brewery exterior
A roof for
Lervig Brewery

Stavanger, Norway, Sketch proposal

000 cobe zech haus model
An anchor point
in the harbour
Zech Haus

Düsseldorf, Germany, Completed in 2023

240 tip of redmolen model
A 360-degree view
of the harbor
Tip of Nordø

Copenhagen, Denmark, Completed in 2023

020 cobe ordrupgard museum detail
The invisible new
Ordrupgaard Museum

Charlottenlund, Denmark, Competition