The Silo

010 cobe silo exterior 130b cobe silo exterior
One person’s trash is
another person’s

Year: Commissioned 2013, completed 2017

Client: Klaus Kastbjerg and NRE Denmark

Program: Former grain silo transformed into residential complex and public facilities

Size: 10,000 m²

The 17-storey former grain silo is a natural point of orientation in Copenhagen’s new neigbourhood Nordhavn. The spatial variation within the original silo is immense due to the various functions of storing and handling grain, creating space for 39 unique apartments. Single and multi-level apartments range from 73 m² to 305 m² in size with floor heights of up to 7 meters. Both the top and lower levels have public access, to ensure a multi-dimensional experience for the various users of the building. The Silo is inhabited, but also a destination. An urban focal point for the redeveloped Nordhavn area.

020 cobe silo exterior origin

The 17-storey former grain silo is the largest industrial building in the Nordhavn and has been used for storing and treating grain for decades.

In a time of resource scarcity it is important to be bold and ask the question: “Is a newbuild even necessary in this case?”

as resource
030 cobe silo collage

The industrial buildings and structures of Nordhavn have played a key role in defining the identity of the harbour. By retaining the identity and repurposing the existing concrete structures, we were able to preserve the area’s heritage.

In The Silo, 2,740 m³ of concrete were reused, the equivalent of more than 500 tons of embodied CO₂e. Leftover concrete from windows, decks and doors has been reused to make seating and podiums in the landscape surrounding the building.

From storage container
to urban anchor point
110 cobe silo interior

The first step in the process is to test the building by transforming the ground floor into a public exhibition gallery.

120 cobe silo plan

What makes the Silo so unique and beautiful is its monolithic appearance, stemming from the materiality and tactility of its construction.

130 cobe silo exterior 130a cobe silo exterior 130b cobe silo exterior

We wanted to retain the spirit of The Silo as much as possible – both in terms of its monolithic exterior and majestic concrete interior, by simply draping it with a new overcoat. The aim was to transform it from the inside out in such a way that its new inhabitants and the surrounding urban life would highlight the struc­ture’s identity and heritage. Hence, the use of galvanized steel for the facade, which patinates in a raw way and retains the original harbour character and material feel, lending a roughness and raw beauty to the area, as in its industrial past.

070 cobe silo exterior diagram
080 cobe silo exterior
090 cobe silo exterior
100 cobe silo exterior

The new façade was designed to relate to the original concrete structure and thus retain a clear continuity between new and old. A layer of insulation was added to the exterior to serve as the new building envelope.

190 cobe silo construction detail
140 cobe silo exterior
150 cobe silo exterior
200 cobe silo façade detail

The façade of The Silo is constructed of high-precision prefabricated 3D modules, creating an efficient sculptural “overcoat”.

030 cobe silo exterior
220 cobe silo exterior
170 cobe silo exterior
180 cobe silo exterior
230 cobe silo exterior
Inside-out facade
160 cobe silo diagram

Existing silhouette, existing program, creating an icon.

160a cobe silo diagram

New program: Every flat is unique, and the public ground floor acts as an urban activator.

160b cobe silo diagram

Public add-on: Panorama view, new skin and façade update, new urban silo.

240 cobe silo exterior detail
250 cobe silo interior detail

The Silo’s amazing concrete spaces have been transformed into 39 unique apartments. The cut concrete becomes a characteristic detail in the interior of the apartments.

363 cobe silo collage
360 cobe silo interior
311 cobe silo interior detail
361 cobe silo interior
362 cobe silo collage

The “hat” on top of the building is designed as a generous public restaurant and viewing platform. The glass façade mirrors the surroundings during the daytime, almost vanishing into the sky.

320 cobe silo exterior
330 cobe silo exterior
340 cobe silo simpsons

The Silo was featured in the American animated TV series “The Simpsons”, making it an international icon.

350 cobe silo exterior

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Client: Klaus Kastbjerg and NRE Denmark

Program: Former grain silo transformed into residential complex and public facilities

Size: 10,000 m²

Year: Commissioned 2013, completed 2017

Collaborators: Balslev, Norconsult, Alectia, NRE Denmark

Awards: Foreningen Hovedstadens Forskønnelse 2017, Copenhagen Award 2018 – Best Transformation Project, MIPIM Awards 2018 Finalist – Best Refurbished Building, CTBUH Awards 2018 – Best Tall Building Europe, AZ Awards 2018 – Best Residential Architecture, Global Galvanizers Award 2018, RENOVER Prisen 2018, Architizer Project of the Year 2018 A+Award, EU Mies Award 2019 Nominee, Civic Trust Awards 2019

Team: Adam Wicherek, Alexander Ejsing, Andrea Di Pompeo, Anis Souissi, Antonia Szabo, Bart Smets, Caroline Henke, Caroline Nagel, Claes Nilsson, Dan Stubbergaard, Eik Bjerregaard, Elin Parry, Emil Scharnweber, Emre Senoglu, Greta Tiedje, Iben Marie Borbye Pedersen, Jacob Lantow, Javier Hernani, Jens Kert Wagner, Johanne Holmsberg, Kaisa Lillemets, Liv Moodie, Mads Knak-Nielsen, Matti Hein Nørgaard, Milan Milenkovski, Milda Naujalyte, Morten Andersen, Navid Christensen, Nika Koraca, Peter Laust Røhr Hønnicke, Rune Boserup, Sune Mogensen, Ted Schaumann.

Photographer: Rasmus Hjortshøj – COAST

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