Lervig Brewery

011 a brewery exterior 060 a brewery exterior
A roof for

Year: Commisioned 2017

Client: Lervig

Program: Beer brewery, visitor centre, brewery school, experimantarium street food, and urban plaza

Size: 11,000 m²

Situated on the waterfront in Stavanger, Norway, the project envisions a unique attraction for locals and visitors to the city centered around a brewery. An iconic focal point on what was once an industrial pier, the building will offer many new amenities to central Stavanger. Historically, breweries have always been percieved as closed-off facilities. By encircling the brewery with public spaces such as a harbour bath and Norway’s first west-coast street food market, complete with a green roof above, the brewery will become a destination where locals and visitors can enjoy city life. From the periphery spaces, guests will be able to view the brew tanks and fermentation process in the heart of the building.

020 a brewery diagram

The life in and around the brewery halls and the roof terrace.

Part architecture,
part urban space,
part landscape

Designed as a series of spectacular wooden arches, a large roof connects all functions of the visitor center and the brewery.

030 a brewery diagram

The brewery is pushed down to make space for a green public urban garden on the rooftop terrace.

040 a brewery diagram

The brewery is a place for all generations.

050 a brewery diagram
022 cobe lervig brewery garden

The new park on top of the brewery halls is a huge public garden mainly planted with crops and plants related to beer production. Here, young and old alike will have the opportunity to see, smell and touch the ingredients that are served below in liquid form.

060 a brewery exterior

The roof is envisioned as a large, publicly accessible roof garden, which gives the brewery the opportunity to grow hops, vegetables and fruit and gives the neighbourhood a place to learn about growing and harvesting all the ingredients for beer making

070 a brewery diagram

The brewery is the heart of the building.

080 a brewery diagram

The brewery is surrounded by street food stalls, bars, an experimental center and a brewery school.

090 a brewery diagram
100 a brewery model

The street food market in the brewery halls will be Norway’s first west-coast market. A colourful and popular street market by the water. The new street food market will be a place for everyone, as the aim is to keep prices affordable for both street chefs and guests. The food is prepared and sold from shipping containers, wooden sheds and food trucks.

110 a brewery interior

Drawing on the materiality of the traditional brewery halls and embracing the region’s proud tradition of constructing with wood, the complex adds an iconic focal point to Stavanger’s harbour front.

120 a brewery model detail
130 a brewery model detail
140 a brewery model detail

The arches are built in solid wood with reference to the traditional Norwegian shipbuilding craft, which also gives the building complex a warm atmosphere.

150 a brewery model

Location: Stavanger, Norway, Sketch proposal

Client: Lervig

Program: Beer brewery, visitor centre, brewery school, experimantarium street food, and urban plaza

Size: 11,000 m²

Year: Commisioned 2017

Team: Dan Stubbergaard, Greta Tiedje, Mads Birgens Kristensen, Nikolaj Harving, Rasmus Lassen, Teresa Fernández Rojo.