01 cobe adidas homeground ariel 0.625
The future
in the forest

Year: Commission 2019, completed 2020

Client: adidas AG

Program: Base for the German national football team, including housing (2,290 m²) and restaurant, office spaces and healthcare center (1,500 m²)

Size: 3,790 m²

adidas HOMEGROUND was the German national football teams' home base during the UEFA EURO 2020 and EURO 2022, and forms part of the adidas corporate headquarters, ‘World of Sports’. Through several workshops with adidas and the national football team, Cobe has designed a robust and flexible project centered around the well-being of the team. The various functions, including restaurants, offices, healthcare center and housing for the team, are centered around a plaza that also serves as a gathering point for the team. The housing units are distributed in its forest setting, surrounding the common functions and connected through an elevated path system, treading lightly on the site’s natural habitat. The buildings is made entirely of prefabricated cross-laminated timber. Today, adidas HOMEGROUND serves as accommodation for participants of events and venues hosted at the adidas Campus.

02 cobe adidas homeground diagram
A team village
in the forest
03 1 cobe adidas homeground diagram

The base camp for the German football teams - adidas HOMEGROUND - is designed as a village, protected and hidden within the forest of the adidas headquarter’s ‘World of Sports’ campus. The forest village has everything a small town can offer - from a central plaza with restaurants, offices and health facilities to sleeping accommodations with views into the forest.

08 cobe adidas homeground exterior

A village located in a natural setting among tall pine trees, lush deciduous trees, shrubs, and blooming meadows.

06 cobe adidas homeground diagram

The plaza is the heart of the village in the forest.

07 cobe adidas homeground diagram

The main functions are oriented around the plaza.

adidas HOMEGROUND is centered around the central plaza, which houses all main functions. Here, the teams can spend time together by the lounge area, the restaurant and bar, or the pool with a public viewing screen. A health center and office spaces for strategy planning provide the teams with everything they need to prepare for upcoming games.

08 cobe adidas homeground ariel

adidas headquarter’s ‘World of Sports’ campus

09 cobe adidas homeground exterior

The plaza including facilities such as a lounge area, petanque pitch, pool, restaurant and bar, a health center with physio therapy, sauna and yoga platform, a coaches area and strategy space.

10 cobe adidas homeground interior
11 cobe adidas homeground interior
12 cobe adidas homeground interior

The wooden roof construction spans up to 24 meters, providing the three main buildings with a flexible and adaptable layout underneath. Black boxes under the roof provide for more intimate spaces, such as meeting rooms and doctors lounges as well as storage and technical spaces.

13 cobe adidas homeground diagram

A light wooden floor and roof construction with dark boxes in between.

A resilient and robust
roof above one
building for all
14 cobe adidas homeground exterior

The roof - made of a grid of laminated wood beams - hovers seemingly above the three main buildings, creating a continuous roof-scape that binds all functions into one building.

07 cobe adidas homeground exterior

With a 3 meter deep canopy, the players can move fluidly between inside and outside the buildings. The wooden interior flooring seamlessly extends outdoors as a robust elevated wooden deck.

15 cobe adidas homeground exterior
01 cobe adidas homeground ariel

The wood columns are visible from both inside and outside, stitching the roof construction to the wooden platform, and breaking up the glass facades in a rhythm befitting of the beams grid system from the roof. At night, warm light from inside illuminates the facades, for a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

Like a city, everything
is connected
by a path system
17 cobe adidas homeground exterior

Like a tree, the wooden walkways leading to the individual housing units, branch out along the forest floor. Following these elevated paths is the village’s necessary infrastructure, bringing electricity and other utilities to the teams’ accommodations.

18 cobe adidas homeground exterior
Housing in
the woods
21 cobe adidas homeground exterior

64 individual housing units are grouped together in clusters of four, with shared entrances along the paths. All units are made entirely of pre-fabricated cross-laminated timber. Their sleeping areas face outward and into the forest to ensure privacy. The housing in the woods provides a measured calmness and tranquility for the players.

R Hjortshoj Adidas Homeground WEB 112

All housing units have views towards the forest.

22 cobe adidas homeground exterior

Location: Herzogenaurach, Germany

Client: adidas AG

Program: Base for the German national football team, including housing (2,290 m²) and restaurant, office spaces and healthcare center (1,500 m²)

Size: 3,790 m²

Year: Commission 2019, completed 2020

Collaborators: Christoph Schneider, Herz & Lang, NKP, PK-I, Raible + Partner, WLG Wollborn Landschaftsarchitekten, Soda Group, Züblin Timber

Team: Caroline Nagel, Dan Stubbergaard, Greta Tiedje, Kelly Skaggs, Laura Diestel, Maria Aufegger, Max Neumeister, Yannick Courtin

Photographer: Rasmus Hjortshøj - COAST

Interior Design: Cobe, adidas AG