Cobe aarhus stadion

Cobe shares design for New Stadium in Aarhus

Cobe is proud to share our design proposal, as one of the three finalists in the international competition, for a new stadium and home ground for the AGF football club in Aarhus, Denmark. The design draws inspiration from the existing historical entrance hall and the surrounding Kongelunden forest. It features an ambitious sustainability strategy that involves upcycling and reusing building components from the existing stadium, which is only 20 years old.

Respecting the cultural heritage, our proposal scales down the large stadium volume and incorporates the red-tone colors of the existing buildings on the facade, as well as AGF's signature white color inside. The facade design is inspired by cones found in the forest clearing, with facade plates resembling leaves of trees, filtering light and creating a unique atmosphere.

This project is a collaboration with AFL Architects, Buro Happold, and Turner and Townsend.