The Waterfall

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Client: City of Copenhagen

Program: Aquatics centre

Size: 5,000 m2

Status: Competition in 2017

Collaborators: BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group, Hundsbæk & Henriksen, DEM & Esbensen, Teknologisk Institut, Gade & Mortensen Akustik, A-Kassen, SLA

Team: Dan Stubbergaard, Eik Bjerregaard, Birk Folke Daugaard, Mark Aaron Thomsen, Connor Irick, Simon Strøyer Glarborg

Copenhagen's aquatic centre - The Waterfall - is part of the masterplan for Paper Island, also designed by COBE, and consists of one large public hall containing aquatic activities and facilities for clubs and associations, connected by a continuous cascading flow of waterfalls. Gathered under one roof, the auqatics center follows the distinctive roof motif on Paper Island with large sloping surfaces and gables oriented towards the waterfront. With a simple gesture of twisting the top, the aquatics centre adresses both the harbour and the inner courtyard on Paper Island, becomming a part of the informal, vivid public life on the island as well as placing it amongst some of the most important cultural institutions along the harbour front of Copenhagen.