The Rock

Location: Kolding, Denmark

Client: Design City Vest

Program: Offices and retail

Size: 5,750 m2

Status: Commision 2012

Collaborators: Orbicon, Brdr. Daugaard Pedersen 

Team: Dan Stubbergaard, Eik Bjerregaard, Hiroshi Kato, Tabea Treier, Jens Wagner, Claes Nilsson, Matin Jonsbak Nielsen, Rasmus Bernhard Nielsen

A green landscape on the roof is the key element in the design of the Rock reintroducing an ecosystem on top of the building. The roof landscape, embedded with solar cells, slopes towards south allowing each storey to obtain a terrace in the lush roof landscape, with views over the adjacent square. The result is an expressive shape that finds equilibrium between the massive scale of the office structure and the human scale. This architectural strategy also creates a variation in the façade geometries, making each part of the building unique, like crevices on a cliff side.