Kids' City Christianshavn

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Client: Copenhagen Municipality

Program: Nursery, daycare and after school care, age 0-15

Size: 4,670 m2

Status: 1st prize in competition 2012, construction start 2014, completion 2017

Collaborators: NORD Architects Copenhagen, PK3/BOGL, Sweco, Jakon

Team: Dan Stubbergaard, Rune Boserup, Frederik Lyng, Mikkel Reedtz Morris, Greta Tiedje, Chloé Blain, Dimitrie Grigorescu, Cristina Matos, Rodrigo Bandini dos Santos, Hannes Kalau vom Hofe, Andrea Pieretti, Christian Sander, Martin Jonsbak Nielsen

Kids' City will be the largest daycare center in all of Denmark hosting 710 children from Christianshavn and the northern part of Amager, aged 0-15. It presents a big challenge; how to avoid creating a daycare factory when building an institution for so many users. Therefore, the daycare center in Prinsessegade will be a city for kids. The design is not just one huge building, but rather a cluster of many small, varied buildings grouped around two central streets connecting to the surrounding city. And like Copenhagen, it has different neighborhoods, houses, public spaces, squares and parks - it even has a city hall, a fire station, a restaurant, a stadium, a factory and a golden ball sports cage on the roof.