Designmuseum Danmark

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Client: Designmuseum Danmark

Program: New plaza, main entrance and café

Size: 685 m2 (plaza) and 95 m2 (café, ticket office and museum shop)

Status: 1st prize in competition in 2017, completion in 2018

Team: Anna Biczók, Caroline Krogh Andersen, Caroline Nagel, Dan Stubbergaard, Francesco Capuzzo, Iben Marie Borbye Pedersen, Jacob Lantow, Lorenzo Maccacaro, Mathilda Andersson, Matti Hein Nørgaard, Morten Emil Engel, Rachel Subtil, Rasmus Jessing, Rasmus Lassen, Sigrid Marie Poulsen, Stine Bærentzen.

Designmuseum Danmark is uniquely located in the historical centre of Copenhagen, in the Frederiksstaden district, which is considered one of the most important rococo complexes in Europe. The project aims to open up the arrival area of the museum and create a more inviting and transparent setting for the museum and its surroundings. The project comprises three elements: repaved plaza, new outdoor display cases and a new entrance though an adjacent annex with café, ticket office and museum shop. Altogether, these three simple levers create an interconnecting whole, which captures the city and creates an outdoor meeting place where visitors and passers-by will have the opportunity to experience and explore design - even before they enter the museum.