Adidas HalfTime

Location: Herzogenaurach, Germany

Client: adidas Pension Trust e.V.

Program: Conference center, employee restaurant, showroom and surrounding landscape

Size: 13,500 m2

Status: 1st prize in international competition in 2014, completed end of 2018

Competition team: COBE (Lead consultant), CLMAP, Knippers Helbig, Transsolar (all Sub-consultants), COBE Berlin (Special advisor)

Planning team: ARGE COBE&CLMAP (general planner), Knippers Helbig, Fact, Bartenbach, Soda, PMI, HMP (all Sub-consultants)

Awards: ICONIC Award 2015 - Visionary Architecture

Team: Dan Stubbergaard, Caroline Nagel, Ulrich Pohl, Laura Diestel, Ole Storjohann, Ted Schauman, Navid Christensen, Birk Folke Daugaard, Rasmus Hjortshøj, Karoline Liedtke, Maria Aufegger, Morten Andersen, Clement Bue Maali, Kasper Larsen, Freya Dorbritz, Milada Vorzova, Johan Lund Pedersen, Javier Barriuso Domingo, Gina Perier, Alexander Forsch

The iconic rhombus-shaped building will be the only public building in adidas’ headquarters campus 'World of Sports' and house many different functions for both employees, visitors and sport stars. The design is based on multifunctionality and flexibility, allowing the building to change and adjust to dif­ferent contexts. The building merges with the landscape’s existing terrain and is open to all sides with windows from floor to ceiling, creating a strong connection between inside and outside. The iconic roof rests like a carpet covering the building, gathering all functions and members of the adidas family under one roof. All in all the building reflects and encapsulates the philosophy of the adidas brand – performance, passion, integrity and diversity.