COBE is a progressive and contemporary community of architects that focuses on architecture and design – from buildings to public space and large scale urban planning.

In 2005 Dan Stubbergaard and Vanessa Miriam Carlow founded COBE. Since foundation, COBE has gained international recognition through the realization of beautiful and innovative projects. Today, COBE is two separate companies - one seated in COpenhagen (COBE ApS headed by Dan Stubbergaard), and one in BErlin (COBE Berlin GmbH headed by Prof. Dr. Vanessa Miriam Carlow). The two offices shared a number of projects in the past, and continue sharing projects through collaboration - also in the future.

COBE is situated in a warehouse in at the Copenhagen harbor front. The office is currently consisting of 40 dedicated architects, directed by principal architect Dan Stubbergaard.

COBE has been awarded prizes and nominations and has also attracted attention for its experimental and innovative projects.


Social interaction is our strive in all our projects. That’s why COBE has developed a community of architects with capacity within all scales from urban planning, to building and public space. Elements which all together creates the physical conditions for people's lives and social interaction.

Our approach to architecture is inclusive; with social, practical, economical and environmental issues analysed and integrated within the process. When required and relevant the office involves a network of multidisciplinary external consultants. This use of complementing resources ensures that all projects address the right challenges, in order to mobilize opportunities and potentials that each project should represent.

For us architecture is not a matter of a certain style or form but more importantly the adaptability to the local context, it's social life and the users.